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A holiday that can give so much to yourself and the environment

It’s a project of MU APS association, aimed at education.
In a small piece of land we experiment to erase the production of waste, creating a sustainable natural environment of a circled process that exploits all food waste and organic waste both humans and animals to transform into compost.
A workshop aimed at rural life and the discovery of a sustainable alternative.

The project is up to 8 people max at the time.
You have to write at (association email); object "TOC TOC" indicating the days when you want to experience.
You will receive an email answer with various infos and instructions for the membership fee that will need to maintain the expenses of the project.

We have a roulotte, a camper and 2 tent places
Here is a video

Watch and follow all TUTORIALS
Read and follow the RULES
Read and make good use of TIPS




Main gate
Electrical installation
Map of water sources
Coffee machine
Compost Toiltette
Camper windows




Do not come if you are afraid of insects, biacchi (innocent but not fancy snakes), spiders, bees, flies, mosquitoes. Don’t come if you don’t like the compost toilet, if you can’t stand the cold shower. Don’t come if you’re a cleaning freak, if you can’t stand gecko poop on a window. Do not come if you demand perfection, if it's never enough for you. Do not come if you are not tolerant of nature, other humans, the different. Don’t come if you have to judge our work all the time. Don’t come, especially if you feel much better than others. It can happen that cultural events take place inside the structure, during your stay. So don’t come if you want absolute silence and don’t want anyone around.

If you decide not to participate in the project after booking, tell us 7 days before. Otherwise we will keep 50% of the membership fee.


It is obligatory to carry forward the aims of the project and the daily commitments of caring for the garden and the environment.
You'll find the important daily TASKS and other optional tasks to complete at the bottom of this page.

Absolutely try to avoid producing waste of any kind.
You take home your waste. It is FORBIDDEN to use plastic dishes, cups, disposable containers. It does not fit with our project. Just use glasses and ceramic plates already at TOC and wash them after using it. Please use as less paper as possible for cleaning hands (as napkins).

Never leave your vehicle in front of another preventing it from leaving, especially if you decided to go to the beach. Used only the place you were assigned

It is forbidden to play, listen to music, shout and speak aloud from 23:00 to 9 in the morning and from 13:00 to 16:00 in the afternoon.
We don’t tolerate those who listen to music all the time and force others to listen to it. It’s also nice to hear the wind, the birds and the silence. We encourage you to sparingly use, your own portable audio device.

In order to save water and to assume a consistent behavior, we invite the guests to TAKE SHORT SHOWERS (4 MINUTES MAX). We also invite you to use our soaps and organic products that do not compromise the phytodepuration system. Besides, we don’t need plastic bottles.
Hot water (red lever) is obtained trough solar heating that is a PVC black pipe exposed to the sun, the temperature varies according to climatic conditions.

Every tool you use must be stored in its place after use. Always. In any case ask before taking and using it. It is FORBIDDEN to use chainsaws, brush cutters, circular saws and other dangerous tools without permission.




Try to occupy only the spaces intended for you and not to invade all spaces leaving shoes, tablecloths and towels scattered around all the tables.

Mobile phone and devices
Never unplug ANY PLUG YOU FIND ATTACHED/plugged in, to charge your phone. If a plug is on, it may be used to manage something functional to the structure.

Avoid using oleander wood, castor and other plants that could poison you with their smoke. When you use the grill, make sure you get some wood first rather than using the wood already collected by others.

Open and close the fridge quickly, being very hot the temperature raises quickly and then has to cool again. Try not to fill up all the fridge for yourself and think that others also need space.

Door of Caravans and Camper
Always keep the door of the caravan and camper closed, even for short times. There are mosquitoes, biacchi (black snakes): they are not poisonous but bite and frighten. Always make sure the door is locked properly before leaving.

Bring your tote bag, from the grocery store, to the supermarket, anywhere.
Do not buy toilet paper or printed paper napkins.
Use only neutral white paper, we can recycle it in the compost bin.
Do not buy bottles with plastic cap, choose cork, we can reuse it.
Choose the butcher or the fishmonger who puts the meat in the paper rather than the polystyrene and plastic of the large distribution.
When buying a product, evaluate the packaging.
Do not buy products with mixed packaging (ec. plastic and paper) always evaluates the possibility of disposal.
Buy products in large packaging, for example 1kg yogurt has a sturdy bucket that can be recycled instead of finding many small disposable jars.
For wine, there are many producers to whom you can bring your emptiness.

*** We are sorry but the list of tasks is only available in Italian ***


Estirpare le erbacce
Tenere gli ambienti puliti

Tagliare e pulire le cannucce da fiume
Continuare il recinto con le cannucce da fiume
Tagliare la legna di Pino accanto alla culla/orto in piccoli pezzi
Continuare il mosaico sul muro
Mettere pietre nel sentiero
Sistemare angolo confine tra bagno e cucina