You can book by email indicating the days in which you would like to come, and sending a copy of an identity card.
You will then receive a payment link.
If you have to cancel your booking, write us an email; within 5 days it's free.
If you cancel in less then 5 days before zour arrival, we refund 50%.

Do not come if you are afraid of insects, snakes, spiders, bees, flies, and mosquitoes.
Don't come if you are afraid of using the compost toilet, or if you couldn’t take a cold shower.
Don't come if you need extreme tidiness, if you can't stand gecko poop on a window.
Don't come if you demand perfection.
Do not come if you are not tolerant towards nature, towards other humans, towards diversity.
Don't come if you have to continually judge our work.
Don't come if you feel better than others.
Cultural events (concerts, theatre ecc.) might take place inside the structure during your stay.
If you want absolute silence and don't want anyone around, please don’t come.

Although we are almost all musicians, we do not stand listening to music without stop.
Enjoy listening to the wind, the birds and the silence. If you want to listen to your own music for long, we encourage you to use your headphones.

Rest time
It is forbidden to play, listen to music, scream and speak loudly from 11pm to 9am and from 1pm to 4pm.

We take care to use only the spaces intended for us and to share the spaces of the other guests only when there is a concrete desire to be together.
We don’t necessarily need to spend time together, for many it is also pleasant to be alone without sharing much of their time.
The common areas are the central ones (between the carob tree and the false pepper), the theatre, the barbeque and the bathroom, showers, and the kitchen.

Lunch and dinner
We don’t expect that you or the other guests always want to eat together, it is always wise to ask before assuming that others want to have lunch or dinner together.

Take care not to leave your belongings alone on the table and not to use that of others.

Mobile phones
Please, NEVER UNPLUG ANY PLUG YOU FIND ATTACHED to attach your phone.
If a plug is attached, it may be used to manage something functional to the structure.
Use the multiple plugs intended for charging mobile phones.

It is forbidden to use the barbeque on days of strong wind.
Do not use chemical fuels.
Avoid using oleander, castor and other plants that could produce poisonous smoke.
When using the barbeque, get some wood first rather than using the one already collected by others.
Always make sure the fire is completely out before you leave it.
Avoid setting fire to the structure.

Never leave your vehicle in front of another which would prevent him from going out, especially if you have decided to go to the beach.
Use only the parking place we indicate to you.

Always keep the gate closed and, if there is no one on site, lock it with the key before leaving.
Do not push with all your weight on the gate to open it, you could damage the hinges and it could fall on you.

In order to save water and adopt a behavior consistent with our ecological idea, we invite guests TO TAKE SHORT SHOWERS OF ABOUT 4-5 MINUTES, but also because others might want to wait to wash themselves.

We also invite you to use ecological soaps and other organic products that do not unduly could damage the constructed wetland system.

Hot water
Hot water (red lever) is obtained by solar energy through the heating of a black PVC pipe, the temperature varies according to the solar situation.
* NB: The final part of the pipe is buried, so the first 20 liters of water will be cold.


Close the fridge door as soon as possibile after taking out food or drinks: due to the heat outside it heats up quickly.
Try to use only one part of the fridge for yourself and think that others need space too.

Gas - cooker
Remove the cover of the cooker (with the nice snail on).
Open the gas bottle by turning the knob anticlockwise. If there’s a lot of wind, you can use the windshield while cooking so that flame doesn’t extinguish.
Once you have finished cooking, clean the cooker and the dishes you have used and cover with cooker with the snail cover.
IMPORTANT: ALWAYS close the gas bottle by turning the knob clockwise after using the cooker.

Drinking water
Drinking water comes from the ECO FONTE station in Pachino, which we buy at a cost of 8 cents per liter, in order to avoid plastic we take it weekly. Each guest can use this water and is invited to contribute with a free offer for water withdrawal.
Please mark your personal bottles and leave space for others in the fridge.

Light and electricity
The two plugs connected to the sockets are the sink and hob lights,
Please DO NOT CHARGE THE MOBILE PHONES HERE, reattach them immediately if you see them out.
The switch sends the current to the plugs by turning on the lights.

We always recommend that you rinse the dishes before using them, there could be leaves or some slight dust on them.
Do not accumulate dirty dishes in the sink, no one will wash them for you!


Each tool removed must always be returned to its place after use. In any case, if you need a tool, always ask before taking and using it!

Dangerous tools
IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use chainsaws, brushcutters, circular saws and other dangerous tools without permission.

Where to Pee?
If you need to pe, use only and exclusively the toilet with the red toilet seat. DO NOT THROW PAPER IN THE TOILET but throw it into the BIN IN FRONT and remember to always close the seat, otherwise the toilet fills up with dry leaves that fall from the Oleander and the drain will stop.

Where to poop?
If you need to poop, please use one of the compost toilets. After you finished, you need to add ash and foliage or straw. PLEASE DO YOUR BEST NOT TO PEE HERE, use the green-red toilet for it.

What to do with the toilet paper?
It is possible to throw toilet paper in the toilet compost, but only if it is biodegradable and not printed paper.
Printed paper or paper for drying after peeing should be thrown into the paper bucket in front of the toilet. DO NEVER THROW TOILET PAPER IN THE WATER TOILET WHERE YOU PEE!

Emptying full compost toilet
Once the buckets are full, you can open the compost toilet and take out the bucket. It is emptied into the appropriate barrel, where it will sit and then become fertilizer.

Always keep the caravan door closed, even for short moments.
In addition to the mosquitoes, the biacchi (black snakes) enter, waiting for nothing but to find themselves inside a comfortable house.
Always make sure the door is properly closed before leaving.

The windows open from the outside and must always be tied so the wind cannot destroys them.

PLEASE try to avoid producing waste of any kind.
IT IS FORBIDDEN to use plastic cutlery, plates and cups, disposable containers.
Even if you take them home ... it's not in line with our plan.
Use only the glass glasses and ceramic plates and wash your dishes after using them.
The use of washable cloth napkins instead of non-recyclable paper napkins is welcome.

The garbage must be separated into:
1) Plastic and metals, 2) paper and cardboard, 3) glass.
Mixed Waste is not covered and must be the emptiest bucket ever as far as possible.

Tin cans
Do not crush the cans and put them in the appropriate bucket, we will turn them into jars for our plant nursery.


Organic remains of vegetables
Throw them into the compost bin, it is always better to fill first the one on the right and then the one on the left while the first is composted.

Organic remnants of meat
Meat, fish or cheese should be placed on a plate or pan and placed in front of the gate for our passing animal friends. Do not throw these remains in the compost bin as it will attract wasps and mice.

Remains of pasta and bread.
The bread can be crumbled and offered to the birds, while the raw pasta must be kept next to the grill to be burned because it strongly attracts the mice, if any leftover cooked pasta must always be placed at the entrance for our animal friends.

Smokers are asked to turn off the butts only in the special containers intended for the butts or in the ashtrays around the tables.
The ashtrays ARE NOT LITTLE RUBBISH BINS, so do not insert paper or pack of cigarettes or anything else, ONLY cigarettes!
Do not put out butts in beer bottle caps, in any glass bottle, or in glasses.
When turning your cigarettes, please do not leave the remains of your creation on the table.

Bring your cotton bag to the greengrocer, to the supermarket, anywhere.
Don't buy coloured toilet paper or printed paper napkins.
Use only neutral white paper, we can recycle it in the composter.
Do not buy bottles with plastic caps, choose the cork, we can reuse it.
If you can, please choose the butcher or fishmonger who puts your meat in the paper rather than styrofoam and plastic from large retailers.
When buying a product, consider the packaging. Do not buy products with mixed packaging (eg plastic and paper) always consider the possibility of disposal.
Buy large packaged products, for example 1kg yogurt has a sturdy bucket that can be recycled instead of having lots of small disposable jars.
For wine, there are many producers you can bring your empty bottles to.