Daily activities
1. Spend at least 1 hour and a half a day into the vegetable garden and take care of the space, the person in charge will show your tasks.
2. Don't turn out the project into “relax time lapse”.
3. Be respectful of the neighbourhood, avoiding noisy hecklings and loud music from 2pm to 4.30pm and from 10pm to 9am

4 . Do your best to avoid waste production
5 . If you bring with you packed food or drinks, you will have to bring it back with you to the waste disposals except the recyclable papers, paperboxes, cork stoppers, beer caps and of course, the organic waste that will go in the compost bin.
The same rule concerns left over foods or drink, bottles, cans and any other kind of waste that has leave with you at your departure.
Example. If you bring a Fanta Orange drink bottle, you have just a glass of it, do you leave the bottle in our fridge? Nope! The bottle goes back home with you!
You bring a cake or whatever and you had just a slice... ? You have to bring it back with you!!
6 . It’s not allowed to use any plastic dish or cutlery.
Even if you bring it from home, it’s not in line with our project.
Let’s use glass and ceramic dishes, wash your dishes after use!
Please, use glass instead of plastic for any food container. It's highly appreciated.
We prefer tissue washable napkins to paper napkins.
7 . Smokers can throw their cigarettes in the special disposal destinated to or in the ashtrays placed around on the tables. Do not throw your cigarette in drink stoppers, bottles or glasses.
8 . Every item, tool, cutlery, or any other object (animated or not) must be put back at it’s place, after use.
9 . Please, use just recyclable bags to do your shopping, trying to do your best to buy unpacked products. (See shopping instructions)

10. Please, use only neutral soap or organic eco+friendly washing products.
11 . Hot water is not too much and must be enough for everyone, equally. Therefore please do avoid shower longer than 5 mins. Water can be switched in and off
12 . Use just your own towel.
13 . Tie up the clothes in case of strong wind, in order to avoid the rings breaking.

14. Please wash always the dishes after use and put them at their right place.
15 . Clean the cooker after use.
16 . Close down the gas bottle after use.

Fires and Grill
17. Please, avoid use oleander, ricinus wood or other plants that can produce toxic smokes and arm you and the other guests.
18 . When you use the grill, be so kind to provide yourself some wood, instead of using the one already been picked up from other people.
19 . Be sure the fire is extinguished before leaving the fireplace

ATTENTION: The guests who won’t respect these rules will be excluded from the project and will be asked to leave the place.

Shopping instructions
Do not buy PRINTED toilet paper or napkins.
Please, use just white simple paper, we can recycle it in the compost bin!
Do not buy bottles with a plastic stopper.
Choose cork, we can reuse it.
Choose the butcher or the fish shop who does not use plastic or polyester box to pack his goods. It’s enough simple paper.