"Sanskrit word appeared in the paragraph: ANTEVASIN.
It means, ‘one who lives at the border.’ In ancient times, this was a literal description.
It indicated a person who had left the bustling center of worldly life to go live at the edge
of the forest where the spiritual masters dwelled.
The antevasin was not of the villager’s anymore-not a householder with a conventional life.
But neither was he yet a transcendent-not one of those sages who live deep in the unexplored woods, fully realized.
The antevasin was an in-betweener. He was a border-dweller.
He lived in sight of both worlds, but he looked toward the unknown. And he was a scholar."

Elizabeth Gilbert("Eat, Pray, Love")

T.O.C.Teatro Orto Campeggio
(Theater Vegetable garden, Camping)
We give members the opportunity to spend a useful vacation, in exchange for an hour of work in the social garden and a small contribution for electricity and water costs.

GOAL/MISSION: A lot of veggies, ZERO waste

It’s a project by the MU Cultural Association born mainly to let the members embrace an “agricultural” lifestyle, living of the products of the shared vegetable garden together with cultural activities such us theatre and sleeping in the camping area that host 3 pitches.

The project’s goal is living a “farm experience” that will be able to minimize the production of waste, growing and eating your own vegetables instead of the sealed ones in plastic package that the great distribution is spreading all over our planet.

To take part to the experience it’s compulsary being a member of the Association, following the rules settlement, contribute to the expenses and to the management of the project: plants and seeds purchasing, gardening tools, water and electricity bills.

How can I take part?

Here's what your job time is

Sowing and harvesting
Room cleaning
Structural maintenance
Bricolage (Construction of tables, chairs, signs)
Artwork and realization of decorative elements
Garbage management
Extraordinary beach cleaning
Classification of floral and animal species
Website and social media management
Organization of small events
Activities to raise awareness of respect for nature

Please, read the rules and then fill the form