A wonderful space !!
500 meters from the sea and 20 centimeters from the oasis of Vendicari

The Vegetables Garden

In the heart of our location, the garden is the main activity of our project.
Aubergines, tomatos,”the old cabbage” (cavolo vecchio), broccoli, peppers and “tenerumi” (sicilian special zucchini blossoms) are the main species that we grow.
Each member who takes part to the project can grow up and use the veg garden’s products directly on the spot concerning the project.
Of course the harvest will be shared between all the members, cooked and eaten in our location.

The panorama bench

We placed a small bench on the border between our plane and the Vendicari Oasis where we can enjoy a stunning sunset and we feel so lucky and blessed to enjoy this great opportunity. It's the ideal place to think and meditate.
A place to simply hang around, fascinated by the fantastic view of the oasis.
You can easily find all the information about the Vendicari Oasis, visiting the following website:



The Micro Theatre

A tiny theater built by the board members can host shows and meetings, discussions, elaborate and plan new ideas and works toward the success of the project.


Camping Area

In the refreshing shadow of the pine trees and just next to a fascinating “wall” of zucchini blossoms’ vines, stand the area to camp. We have just 4 place in the entire area, but we cannot host more people because of the limited pipe lines service.






The aromas garden

In the West corner of our location, there is an area conceived for relaxing bivouac moments and for aromatic plants and herbs.

A small terrace to chill out, sitting in front of the oasis, surrounded by parsley, sage, chillis, thyme, mint and rosemary plants.








Wc and services

In the East corner of the location, you can find a huge handycrafted shower, built with recycled tiles on the walls and an equipped corner for cooking, with a coffee machine and a double cooker as well.

There is also a standard size fridge and a water point for washing.


il bottone

Enjoy our really unique solar “panel” which allows us to get hot water to the showers.

A 300 meter tube which contains 180 liters of water became a huge “wool ball”, able to sneak through a needle or a button.








The compost Toilet

Everyday, we do a “meeting campfire” to create and pick the ash. What do we do with that? We use it to transform our organic waste in fertiliser.

Wood’s ash alkalines human feces in order to throw it in the compost bin to turn it into fertiliser.







The waste

Handling of the waste is one of the main keys of the project that means producing ZERO WASTE which is the best goal we can achieve.

However, we created for extreme need, a corner for diversifying and recycling the waste where we can collect separately cork or aluminum stoppers in order to reuse them and give them new life through our project’s activities, such as creating curtains, structures and decorative elements, using our own waste.

Behind our recycling corner, we have our compost bin which is used to throw organic waste and trasform it in a good fertiliser to grow and transforrm it in our veggies.